Reader’s View: Trump has failed us on COVID-19

Our president admitted to Bob Woodward that he “downplayed the virus.” He alluded to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt calming their populaces.

But those leaders acted in just the opposite way. They issued calls to arms. In the U.S., enlistment centers were actually overwhelmed with volunteers.

I recall my dad enlisting in the U.S. Navy. No one panicked. FDR and Congress declared war against Japan and Germany and took aggressive action to meet the threat. And no country or leader was more courageous, combative, and outspoken against the German monster than Churchill and the citizens of Great Britain.

It is amazing that the president advocated for liberating towns and states and urged Americans not to be cowed into wearing masks. Taiwan has the best cases and deaths record in the world, with almost unbelievable numbers in a country of 24 million citizens. There have been fewer than 10 COVID-19 deaths there. It is said that masks and medical care are two big reasons for the almost unbelievable success in limiting the coronavirus. Its epidemiologist was educated in America at Johns Hopkins.

In one of the most dangerous periods of American history, and our lives, our president has failed us miserably. We are suffering the consequences with no visible end of the pandemic in sight.

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Jim Waldo



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