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LeBron James آن را برای لیکرز

LeBron James به دنبال خود دست ساخته شده و برنده شات با 12.8 ثانیه به سمت چپ به عنوان لس آنجلس لیکرز به دست آورده 103-101 پیروزی بر لس آنجلس کلیپرز در روز پنج شنبه در راه اندازی مجدد از NBA فصل در ESPN جهان گسترده ای از مجموعه ورزشی در نزدیکی اورلاندو.

آنتونی دیویس گل 34 امتیاز و برداشت هشت ریباند برای لیکرز و جیمز به پایان رسید و با 16 امتیاز و 11 پرتاب ریباند و هفت پاس گل.

کایل Kuzma اضافه شده 16 امتیاز برای اولین بار-محل لیکرز (50-14) که خود را افزایش منجر دوم-محل کلیپرز (44-21) در جدول رده بندی کنفرانس غرب...

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Vadodara: VMC allows hospitals to turn hotel rooms into extended Covid facilities

By: Express News Service | Vadodara | Updated: July 31, 2020 11:51:16 pm

Coronavirus cases, Covid facilities, hotel rooms, Vadodara news, Gujarat news, Indian express news Bhailal Amin General Hospital in Gorwa is tying up with Hotel Best Western in Alkapuri for a facility of 50 beds, while Jupiter Hospital, Sun Pharma Road will service a Covid care facility of 50 beds at a real estate project Velani Hub in the vicinity. (Representational)

In anticipation of the upcoming Covid-19 peak in many zones of the city, the Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC), on Friday, allowed private hospitals to provide their services at alternate premises such as hotels and property projects in the city to increase the overall capacity.

Eight city hotels and one real estate project will serve as free Covid care centres, adding up a total of 326 beds in order to take the load off private hospitals...

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Kathleen Murphy column: Duluth crumbles during dog days of summer

Growing up, I often heard adults refer to the “dog days of summer.” I didn’t have to ask what it meant. Our family dog, Erin, always illustrated the concept nicely, sprawling out on a bare spot of dirt pressed against the house, panting to keep himself cool, refusing to move. Dog days meant it was so hot that even the dogs turned listless and lazy. The phrase actually harkens back to ancient Romans noticing that Sirius, the Dog Star, rose and set with the sun during the hottest days of summer, but I prefer the modern interpretation. It provides a good visual.

Of course, I was born and raised in Duluth, an area of the world that, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t experience true dog days...

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هند بازیکنان هاکی به نام برای آموزش

تمدید استراحت برای بازیکنان هاکی در نهایت پایان بیش از آخر هفته. مردان و زنان probables خواسته شده است به گزارش سای مرکز در بنگلور با دوشنبه (3 اوت).

58-عجیب اعضای گروه اصلی — 33 مرد و 24 زنان — آغاز شده بود پراکنده در روز 18 ژوئن در دسته پس از گیر بودن بیش از 100 روز در ورزش اقتدار هند مرکز. آنها در ابتدا قرار است به بازگشت در جولای 19, اما با افزایش موارد COVID-19 و مستند در این شهر فرار کرده بود تمدید شده است.

“ما تا به حال گفته شده به آماده برای گزارش هر زمان پس از 23 ژوئیه اما هیچ تایید...

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Rajkot cancer hospital to stay shut for 2 weeks after 6 nurses test positive

By: Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: July 31, 2020 11:40:13 pm

Coronavirus cases, nurses test positive, Rajkot cancer hospital, Gujarat news, Indian express news The hospital administration said that they were in touch with the officers of Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) for sanitising the hospital. (Representational)

Four nurses of Nathalal Parekh Cancer Institute tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday, following which the administration said they would have to close the hospital for two weeks to prevent further spread of the virus. A week ago, two nurses had tested positive.

Dr Vijaykumar Gupta, medical director of the hospital, said that there are 46 nurses in the hospital and out of them 26 are resident nurses living in a hostel on the hospital premises, while the rest live outside the premises.

“A week ago, two nurses of radiology department of our hospital h...

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More boaters mean more threats to loons on Minnesota lakes

As he watched, a jet ski turned sharply toward it, then chased the bird as it raced across the lake, trying to get up enough speed to take off.

“The loon was just about out of the water when the jet ski finally turned away from it,” Swedberg said. “So, of course, I go flying over there and was like, ‘What the heck are you doing?’”

The teenage operator told Swedberg that her younger brother wanted a better look at the loon.

Swedberg said he told the pair that watching the loon was OK — but chasing it was not.

It’s not the first time Swedberg has encountered people bothering loons on Minnesota lakes.

Earlier this summer, he cited several people on a pontoon who had followed a loon...

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شطرنج افسانه | کارلسن را نشان می دهد کلاس های خود

مگنوس کارلسن مورد نیاز فقط 27 حرکت برای از بین بردن پیتر Svidler سفید ارگ و منجر 1-0 در اولین مجموعه خود را در نیمه نهایی برخورد chess24 افسانه شطرنج در روز جمعه.

کارلسن بهره برداری Svidler ضعف در kingside در میانه بازی با آوردن ملکه خود را به بازی فعال.

با شوالیه-جفت آماده به رها کردن آسیب های جدی کارلسن بود که به دنبال برای اضافه کردن به خود را به سه گرو مزیت زمانی که Svidler استعفا داد.

نیمه نهایی دیگر را دیدم Anish Giri و ایان Nepomniachtchi نشانه صلح پس از یک ماراتن ماندگار 131 حرکت می کند...

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Israel, India conducting trials for 4 technologies with potential to detect COVID in about 30 secs

By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: July 31, 2020 9:42:30 pm

hyderabad coronavirus news update, hyderabad covid-19 black market, covid-19 drugs black market, There is also isothermal testing that enables identification of the coronavirus in a saliva sample and a test using polyamino acids (Representational)

Israel and India are conducting trials here on a large sample of patients for four different kinds of technologies that have the potential to detect COVID-19 in about 30 seconds, including a breath analyser and a voice test, according to an Israeli statement.

Israeli Ambassador to India Ron Malka on Friday visited the special testing site created at the Dr Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital to witness the ongoing trials being conducted since the last three days for rapid COVID-19 testing, the Israeli release on his visit said.

The rapid testing is being jointly developed in co...

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Laurentian Divide recreation area to temporarily close

The Laurentian Divide Day Use Area and picnic grounds will be out of commission from Aug. 3 to Sept. 13 to make way for improvements. The site, located north of Virginia on U.S. Highway 53, is a scenic wayside park with restrooms and picnic tables. It helps visitors better understand the Laurentian Divide watershed and provides access to the Lookout Mountain network of hiking, mountain biking, skiing and snowshoe trails.

Outdated toilets at the Superior National Forest park will be replaced with new vault toilets that provide better access for people with disabilities. Lighting benches and garbage receptacles will be upgraded. And he parking lot will be resurfaced with new curb and gutter to be installed to better meet accessibility standards.

While the project is in progress, no publ...

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اطلاعات | شکار در جفت: نگاهی به بهترین بولینگ مشارکت در تست کریکت

انگلیسی سرعت کاسه استوارت گسترده شد هفتم کاسه و دوم انگلیسی پس از همکار هاي جیمز اندرسون را انتخاب کنید تا 500 تست درها.

اندرسون-گسترده duo رتبه دوم مشترک در لیست کاسه جفت با 895 موهای رنگ شده بین آنها در بازی های انجام شده هم با اشاره به پایدار تعالی. از نظر کشندگی به عنوان یک اواز یا موسیقی دو نفری پاکستان وقار یونس و وسیم اکرم (ص) بودند و یک برش بالاتر از بقیه است.

بهترین از بسیاری

در میان جفت با حداقل 500 درها استرالیا دو گلن مک گراث و Shane Warne را برداشت تا 992 درها بولینگ با هم بالاترین...

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